Criminal Damage By Fire

Criminal damage by fire (also known as arson) is a serious offence, which is reflected in the maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Because the offence carries such a heavy penalty, criminal damage by fire can only be determined in the Supreme Court. However, Kate King Legal have the skills and experience to negotiate with the prosecution to offer alternative charges that attract a lower penalty in the Magistrates Court or the District Court.

WA Law for the charge of Criminal Damage states any person who willfully or unlawfully destroys or damages any property is guilty of a crime. Kate King Legal will argue your case using one of the following defences:

  • Insanity
  • Duress
  • Emergency
  • Accident
  • Lack of intention to willfully do damage or destruction
  • Identification (i.e. the accused is not the person who damaged the property)

If you are facing an arson charge, contact us now to speak to one of the leading criminal defence lawyers in Western Australia.