Separation & Divorce

At Kate King Legal, we are not just divorce lawyers – we are family lawyers first and foremost. Because whether you are married or not, the breakdown of a relationship is a difficult time for all parties involved and everyone will need help moving forward.

We have a team of professional family lawyers in Perth who can provide assistance in the following areas of family  law:

  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • De-facto and same-sex relationships
  • Children and parenting matters
  • Recovery orders
  • Prenuptial and other binding financial agreements
  • Spousal and de-facto maintenance
  • Consent orders
  • Property and financial settlements
  • Dispute resolution
  • Restraining orders

We want to make this process as smooth as possible, which means being by your side every step of the way throughout the proceedings. We will take the time to listen, starting with a free first 15 minute phone call to discuss your needs. From here, we can figure out the best way to deal with your specific situation in order to achieve the best outcome.

Contact us now to speak to one of the leading family lawyers in Western Australia.