State Government introducing legislation to end puppy farming and illegal backyard breeders

The WA government is currently reviewing dog legislation and is seeking to introduce the Dog Amendment (Stop Puppy Farming) Bill 2019 to ban puppy farming in Western Australia.

Currently in Western Australia dog breeding is unregulated and anyone can breed puppies, However, under the proposed new laws, puppy farms and the purchase of puppies from pet stores will be banned in an effort to enhance animal welfare, stop over-breeding and to help track down illegal breeders.

Registered breeders will still be able to breed dogs, but other dogs will be required by law to be de-sexed by two years of age. A central registration system will be created, allowing authorities to identify dodgy or illegal breeders and shut down their operations.

If the legislation is passed, it will become an offence to engage in puppy farming across Western Australia and authorities will also have the power to shut down illegal breeders.

The legislation has been drafted and is expected to be introduced to parliament for debate in the coming weeks.

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