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Hi Lauren. I would like to thank you personally for all your hard work and assistance/patience in assisting me with my case.

Kate King Legal client, 15 September 2021

Thank you so very much to all the team at Kate King Legal and a special thanks to you Ashlee, most appreciated. Have a great rest of the year xo

Kate King Legal client, 15 September 2021

Hi Ashlee,

All seems like the last ten months have been a blur, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the efforts that you and your team made on my behalf, achieving a positive outcome for me.

I would recommend your firm without hesitation , all the best for the future.

Kate King Legal client, 20 August 2021

Thank you so much Ashlee, I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.

Kate King Legal client, 11 June 2021

I would like to thank your firm and particularly Ashlee Taylor for assisting me in my matter. As you know I am on a disability pension with Centrelink and suffer from diagnosed depression and this situation caused great stress to me, your offer of assistance at a low fixed rate made a huge difference for me.

Kate King Legal client, 18 May 2021

Many thanks for all your help with this charge for me. I am very grateful for everything you did for me.

Kate King Legal client, 18 May 2021

Ms King we just wanted to share with you our tiny experience with your firm as we both were so impressed with how professional, friendly and informative your people are, and we can only imagine how amazing your representation must be for those who have chosen you to help them in whatever arena they find themselves in. It truly is a credit to you and we thank you.

From our initial first contact with Lauren, through to our final chat with Lauren, your level of service is amazing. Lauren’s phone manner is so friendly and caring, and as the first point of contact she made us feel really at ease and not as if you were all too busy, and had no time for people calling up with problems.

I received the call as promised from Ashlee and it was ahead of time because “she had time for me now” which was a “first time ever” moment. Ashlee also took the time to listen and then explain the way forward should I choose to do so. I felt immediately better about the problem we faced and both Melissa and I had clarity as to how we could deal with my court appearance.

We hope you will pass this on to your staff, especially Lauren and Ashlee, and should we have need of future legal advice and help, we now know where to go and who to see.

We wish you and your staff all the very best, keep up what you are doing as it really makes you all stand out, and you can rest assured that your name will be the first one we suggest to anyone seeking legal advice or representation.

Kate King Legal client, 14 May 2021

Thank you so much for for your expert advice, assistance and the way the matter was handled and completed.

Ashlee did an outstanding job. I am very appreciative of her handling of my case.

Kate King Legal client, 4 May 2021

Kate and her team are amazing. Would highly recommend.

Kate King Legal client, 12 April 2021

Best advice ever, fantastic service . Very Professional. Very confident.

Kate King Legal client, August 2020

Extremely professional! Highly recommend. A lot of knowledge and she put me at ease. I met a few lawyers but she was the best I met. I’m surprised she isn’t flooded with positive reviews.

Kate King Legal client, April 2020

Having never previously been in the court system, our only source of ‘research’ into finding a reliable, competent and honest lawyer was by searching online testimonials which is not ideal! However, that’s how we became aware of Ashlee from Kate King Legal. From our first meeting, I knew we were in good hands. She’s approachable, a straight-talker and the type of person you’d want to have in your camp! Thank you Ashlee and Kate King Legal.

Kate King Legal client, April 2020

Dear Ashlee,

Thank you for your wonderful help and understanding.

Kate King Legal client, 23 March 2020

Dear Kate,

Thank you for allowing your wonderful staff to assist us. We appreciate your understanding.

Kate King Legal client, 23 March 2020

Thank you so much and for being such a good law firm.  Please tell Kate you have an outstanding firm and Ashlee is fantastic!!!  I am terrified of going to court but happy Ashlee will be there for me.   You stand out from other firms I met with.

Kate King Legal client, 10 January 2020


Many thanks for being in my corner when I needed it. All the best for Christmas and the New Year.

Kate King Legal client, 18 December 2019

Kate I’d just like to thank you for all the work and time you invested in my defence. Without you none of this would have been possible. Thank you for believing in and me and defending me in court.

Kate King Legal client, 21 November 2019

To Kate and all the legal team at Kate King Legal, I just wanted to thank you all for the help with my case. Wishing you all the best wishes and many thanks to you all

Kate King Legal client, 18 November 2019

Thank you so much for all of your hard work. It was greatly appreciated.

Kate King Legal client, 18 September 2019

Kate & her girls helped me out recently with a legal case & Hand on my heart they were the calm in my storm. From start to finish they were nothing but kind & truly quite delightful. They told me what to do, what not to do, to not stress & they would take care of it. & they did. You took ALL the panic & worry out of it for me. Can’t recommend Kate King Legal enough !!

Kate King Legal client, 9 July 2019

Our heartfelt thanks to Kate & her team for their professionalism, advice & preparation through 2 long years. Their caring, supportive & respectful demeanor sets them apart. Would definitely recommend Kate King Legal.

Kate King Legal client, 18 Jun 2019

I approached Kate King Legal charged with three offences by the Police. Thanks to the amazing negotiation and drafting skills of Ashlee I was able to have two of the charges dropped and won a positive outcome on the final charge. Would happily recommend Kate King Legal and Ashlee to anyone in need of a smart, dedicated and skilled lawyer.

Kate King Legal client, 18 Jun 2019

Thanks to Kate King Legal for sharing some good advice and giving me peace of mind. I would recommend KKL to all my friends and colleagues.

Kate King Legal client, 11 Dec 2018

Have gone through hell this past year, but in that journey you guys were our angels! Your level of legal skills mixed with the care and pleasant demeanor was just what we needed. You guys do so much towards making us feel supported and comfortable. We have never met a nicer bunch of lawyers so thank you so much. We love and appreciate you guys.

Kate King Legal client, 2 June 2018

I just wanted to say a big thank you. You did an exceptional job and were very generous with your time and resources. I am so grateful for your help during this year. Knowing it was in your hands helped me compartmentalise the worry and not have to think about it all the time! Thank you so much.

Kate King Legal client, 2 March 2018

Dear Kate, thank you for your sincerity and support and for your dedication and your diligence. We would’ve been lost without you!

Kate King Legal client, 20 Jan 2018

Thanks again for all you did today!! I’m so happy with how it went.

Kate King Legal client, 15 Jan 2018

Thank you so much for your time today. I’m much relieved to have your support and calm logic at this time.

Kate King Legal client, 15 Dec 2017