Dealings with the Police & Prosecution

The criminal defence team at Kate King Legal have many years of combined experience dealing with police and prosecutors in Western Australia. Forming great relationships with many key players in the Perth judicial system, we can help you with a range of matters.


If you feel you were wrongly convicted or received an unnecessarily harsh sentence, you can appeal your sentence or conviction.

Our Perth lawyers can take you through the steps involved, starting with an application to the Western Australian Supreme Court of Appeal or District Court of Western Australia. We will provide you with the right advice, guidance and support throughout the entire process.

Assets Confiscation

When you are charged with a criminal offence in Western Australia, your assets may be frozen for the duration of the court proceedings. Most likely, you will be served with a Freezing Notice and should seek legal advice as soon as possible.

Kate King Legal can assist you throughout the confiscation proceedings with a team of highly trained defence lawyers at your disposal.


Many people are incorrectly charged. Our criminal defence lawyers regularly enter into negotiations with the police or prosecution to have charges downgraded or withdrawn.

If these charges are dismissed and you are represented by a lawyer, you may be also able to obtain your legal costs from the police. Our lawyers regularly seek costs against the police when charges are dismissed.

Spent Convictions

A criminal record can have long term consequences on your future employment and travel plans. Even if you are found guilty and charged, you may be able to obtain a Spent Conviction.

This means that in most cases you are not required to declare conviction when asked if you have any previous convictions. We are also able to assist in applications for Spent Convictions for serious offences once the requisite time period has elapsed.

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